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You can also send your design files to PCB@PCBYES.com after you placed the order.

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PCB Design Files

You can upload the design files or e-mail us your design files along with your order number in the subject.

I.E. Subject: Order No.****: PCB design files

e-mail: PCB@PCBYES.com

Recommended software: 99se, EAGLE, PADS, CAM350

Accepted file formats:  .ddb, .pcb, .brd and .gerber


PCB Dimensions

The PCB dimension (both length and width) must be within the PCB size option. for example: 5cm x 5cm. The PCB shape does not have to be rectangular. but the size of your PCB design should fit within a 5cm x 5cm square.

The maximum size that can be accepted is 1200mmx600mm.


Process Time

Normal processing time: 2 layers - 4-5 days; 4 layers - 6-7 days; 6 layers - 6-8 days; 8 layers - 7-9 days.

24hours: Only for 2 layers PCB samples, Normally we can send out in 2-3 working days.

48hours: Only for 2 layers PCB samples, Normally we can send out in 3-4 working days.

If your PCB Qty >30PCS. May need more processing time. We don't provide expedited service for batch PCB order in normal case. But if you really urgently need your batch PCB order, please contact customerservice@PCBYES.com to get a quote.


Panelized PCB

If you want use panelized PCB layout to save the cost. Please make sure the V-Score line must be a straight line from edge to edge.


Design Requierments

1. Gerber files needed:

  • Top layer:*.GTL
  • Bottom layer: *.GBL
  • Solder Stop Mask top: *.GTS
  • Solder Stop Mask Bottom: *.GBS
  • Silk Top: *.GTO
  • Silk Bottom: *.GBO
  • NC Drill: *.TXT
  • The board outline needs to be included in at least one layer. Please indicate where your outline is located.
  • The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.


2. Design Rules

  • Minimum track width: 6mil(0.15mm)
  • Minimum spacing: 6mil(0.15mm)
  • Minimum vias specifications: pad:20mil(0.5mm)/hole size:12mil(0.3mm)

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